Marquette, Michigan

Up North Films is a non-profit, documentary film production company at Northern Michigan University located in Marquette, a beautiful city of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Michael Loukinen, founder of Up North Films has been making films about the culture in the upper midwest, particularly those in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, for more than 35 years. His subjects have spanned the region’s diverse ethnic and occupational folk cultures. These include Finns, French Canadians, Ojibwe, fishers, loggers, miners, musicians, and many more.

Up North Films has helped preserve the history of this region and the immigrant groups that moved here in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Loukinen’s “folklore films” will be a resource of historical information for many years to come.

Michael received the outstanding Alumnus Award from Michigan State University, for 40 years as a sociology professor and documentary filmmaker.

His documentaries celebrate and preserve the rich and diverse ethnic traditions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.