Up North Films

Anishnaabe Gikinoo'amaadiwin
(Ojibwe Teachings)

135 minutes total.
45 minutes each.

A three film series that was made over a period of four years. It constitutes three separate films, each edited to about 45 minutes for appropriate classroom length. It is designed for serious viewers to watch over and over again.

Price: $20

I. Wanashkwewaadiziwin (The Silent Years)

This refers to childhood years spent in distant Catholic boarding schools. A brief overview of tribal history is followed by Jim Williams Sr. and Richard Williams (brothers and Elders), describing their childhood experiences of having been separated from their families and their tribal culture by having been sent to a Catholic Boarding School several hundred miles away. It presents sacred stories that bear on the purpose of human life, and Anishinaabe identity.

II. Izhi-Chi-Gewin Gikinoo'amaadiwin (Traditional Teachings)

The Lac Vieux Desert tribe’s efforts to teach their expressive traditions of beadwork and Anishinaabemowin, the Ojibwe language. Terry Fox discusses the value of making one’s own regalia: “It means more to you if you make it yourself or if you make it for someone that you love.” Traditional norms associated with Ojibwe language teachings are expressed by Niigaannosh, the late Archie McGeshick Sr. Jim Williams Sr. requests more frequent translations of Ojibwe language public prayers. Some parents face the embarrassing problem of not knowing their own tribal traditions and not being in a position to teach their own children.

III. Manidoo-Gikendaasowin (Spiritual Identity)

We explore the identity one can derive by learning spiritual beliefs. One must listen very carefully, over and over again to a traditional teaching to see how it applies to one’s own life. We have to patiently conduct the inner search and never, never give up. Keep at it,” says Jim Williams, “And when you finally get somewhere, don’t look back and laugh at those who are behind you.”